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All Becomes Okay is the debut EP from shallou, the new project of musician and producer Joe Boston. Boston grew up in Rockville, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. He attended college in New Orleans, and then moved to Chicago, where he began making electronic music in his bedroom. 

shallou has come a long way from the bedroom. “Begin,” the first single from All Becomes Okay, recently hit #1 on Sirius XM Chill and has become a fixture on the Billboard Dance Charts for nine straight weeks. He has over 65 million total streams, including over 18 million on “Doubt (Summer Edit)” and over 15 million on "Begin."  An excellent live performer, shallou has honed his craft across North America, touring with Petit Biscuit, Roosevelt, El Ten Eleven, and more. 

All of this has shallou primed to break out, and All Becomes Okay is his first major move towards the mainstream.

An electronic album with an indie heart, All Becomes Okay is a stunning debut for shallou, a full artistic statement in five songs. Boston describes his music as “happy/sad,” and though that might sound like an oxymoron, it functions as a perfect descriptor for shallou’s brand of music, a dark and beautiful mix of ambient textures and dance rhythms.

Forgoing the easy crowd-pleasing ecstasies of typical electronic music, shallou aims for the mind as well as the heart. The EP is structured to be listened straight through as one complete piece of music, but the singles can stand easily on their own. All Becomes Okay is music made for headphones just as much as it is for the live show. 

The title comes from living in a fearful world. “Working on this music alone, I’d get all in my head,” says Boston. “Watching the news with everything going on in the world, I developed all of these weird fears. ‘All Becomes Okay’ was kind of a mantra I wanted to repeat to myself and tell other people. It’s not a passive thing, but an active hope.”

That’s what “happy/sad” music means. It’s music that you can dance to, or you can listen to it alone in your bedroom. The music comes to you and meets you wherever you are. It’s a gift, a sliver of hope in a dark night, a moment of solace for all the thinkers and dreamers of the world. 


all becomes okay