you and me

Production by shallou. Vocals by shallou. Additional vocals by Cautious Clay. Lyrics and Melody by Haux.

Release Date:  Thursday, November 2, 2017

Pushing for DSP Placements on Friday, November 3, 2017

Label: Sleeptalker LLC under exclusive license to All Points for the world excluding the US (distributing via Tunecore in the US, Believe outside of US)

ISRC:  GB45A1700754

UPC:  3614978495880

Genre:  Electronic / Dance

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conversation points

  • Currently on tour as direct support for QuinnXCII's North American tour. All 30 cities have sold out in advance.
  • We are shooting a "Nomad Video" for this song, in the same style as the past videos, but with a higher quality of production. This will be released the week of November 13th.
  • Shallou is performing a stripped down, piano version of the song for a live performance video. The video will feature shallou playing piano and singing live, and will be set outside in a remote location allowing organic sounds to become a part of the live recording. This will be released the week of December 5th.
  • His last single "Begin" reached #1 on Sirius XM Chill, and also Top 20 on Sirius Alt-Nation.
  • For any press assets, such as bio, one sheet, photos, etc please visit:

2018 Timeline

  • January 25th - New single ‘Lie’ on stores, taken to radio, sent wide. Preview link coming soon.
  • February + March - 19 direct support dates in rooms ranging from 1200-4000 capacity + 3 headlining dates in 250-400 capacity rooms. All dates announcing in November.
  • February + March -  Announcing, rolling out, and releasing new EP
  • April - Record Store Day vinyl release on April 21st 
  • May + June + July - multiple festival performances already confirmed. Announcements coming soon.